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Our team can positively influence supply chain goals by offering objective and rigorous guidance on all aspects of supply chain strategy, operations and execution

Supply Chain Diagnostic

A snapshot of the health of the organisation’s supply chain in comparison with best in class and industry trends to establish the potential for cost reduction, profit improvement and improved customer service through supply chain enhancement.

Our experience includes undertaking over 100 reviews of organisations, large and small, of some or all supply chain functions, throughout Australia and Asia

Supply Chain Strategy Development and Transformation

Strategic decisions determine the overall direction of company’s supply chain. They should be made in conjunction with the companies overall objectives and not biased towards any particular product or regional location. These high level decisions can be refined, as required, to the specific needs of the company at the lower levels which allow for tactical and operational supply chain decisions to be made.

3PL/Outsource Provider Matching

For organisations without the expertise to undertake their own outsourcing or contracting of various services, our experienced practitioners can act on your behalf, without any ties to providers, to find the best solution available, and then negotiate an outcome that best achieves your goals.

Notionally, this service is provided for transport and or warehousing companies, but can be utilised for other providers, such as cleaning services, catering providers, maintenance services etc.

Supply Chain Advisory

Supply Chain Mentoring & Advisory includes personnel mentoring, operational managers mentoring and CEO/GM/Executive advisory. It is done via workshops & planning by workshop facilitation, annual planning, challenge sessions, objective & goal setting and project prioritisation.

Over many years we have conducted 100’s of in-house, specialised and standardised training and mentoring programs throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.


Integrated Business Planning

It is the next generation of S&OP, being a decision-making process that aligns the tactical and operational plans for all business functions in all geographies to support the company’s strategies, business goals, and targets.

We have advised and implemented IBP/S&OP in many organisations throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Inventory Analysis and Rationalisation

Inventory analysis, of both merchandise and repair parts, is undertaken utilising our purpose designed inventory simulator . This tool enables us to account for the many forecasting, customer service and planning scenarios that exist in each organisation.

Having decided on the optimum inventory levels, SCD is then able to put in place strategies for managing the inventory to achieve the agreed target levels, and then work with the organisation to achieve the agreed goals.

Breakthrough Service Transformation

Months to weeks, weeks to days, hours to minutes … We assist corporations, government and non-profit organisations to develop and build a sustainable capability with which to meet and exceed customer expectations while minimising expenditure.

In every engagement we look for breakthrough opportunities, having had successful engagements in many asset heavy organisations.

Sourcing & Procurement Transformation

We take a holistic view of the sourcing capability of the organisation, whether it is for capital equipment, spares (MRO), modification (upgrade) projects or service contracts.

Our offering includes procurement transformation, procurement audits, strategic sourcing, supplier audits, vendor selection, contract negotiation and contract management

Business Operations Recruitment

Through our in-depth and extensive business operations and wide industry knowledge, we are able to provide a confidential targeted recruiting service that caters for your specific requirements.

Collectively, our consultants have interviewed thousands of applicants for positions in all aspects of supply chain from executive to entrant level



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